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Thank you for your interest in Show Me Dough Fundraising!

We are a family owned business and have been successfully serving the community since 1993. Selling Butter Braid pastries, along with our cookie dough and pizza, is a fun and unique fundraising opportunity for your organization.

Fundraiser Highlights

  • Excellent Profit
  • Outstanding Service
  • Pre-sort Over 250 Items!
  • Free Delivery
  • Exclusive Products to Fundraising - Not Sold in Retail Stores
  • Free Program Brochures & Customized Order Forms
  • Comprehensive Website
  • Free Electronic Order Tally Tool
  • Quick Fundraising Turnaround TIme
  • No Upfront Costs

6 Easy Steps

Sign up for your fundraiser by calling our friendly staff or sign up online.

Decide on a group goal and individual goals, then communicate these goals to your sellers.

Distribute order forms, send out a parent letter or email, hang up posters, or create a Facebook event. Anything to let everyone know about the fundraiser and why you're raising money.

Encourage a fast start, check in midway, and motivate your participants. Everyone matters!

We'll email you a link for your group's order submission or you can call us to submit over the phone. All orders can be presorted by seller (orders over 250 are sorted free of charge!) or sorted by flavor. Orders can be changed up to 3 days prior to delivery.

Free delivery and on-site assistance makes this fundraiser easy for you. We also offer pre-sorted delivery for all orders over 250 items!

What to expect at delivery: Click here for an easy to understand infographic.
Payment: Please have one check payable to Show Me Dough ready at delivery.

How Much Can We Make?

*ESTIMATED* Profit Calculator

If you sell  Items

x $6.00


dollars earned. 

How many does my group need to sell?

How many participants in your fundraiser?
How much money do you want to raise?   

# of items your group needs to sell to reach your goal.  
# of items each participant will need to sell to reach your goal.  

Common Questions

How long can the products stay out of the freezer?
All our products will be delivered frozen and will stay frozen after delivery for approximately 2-3 hours at room temperature. After 3 hours the products need to be put back into a freezer.

Why can't I buy Butter Braid pastries in stores?
By offering Butter Braid pastries exclusively through fundraising, superior quality is maintained and each customer is guaranteed a fresh product. Butter Braid pastries are an all-natural, hand braided pastry made in Iowa, flash frozen and shipped in just for your group. Limited availability is also important to keep demand high and increase profits for our fundraising groups.

How long does this fundraiser take?
The entire fundraiser can be wrapped up in less than a month! Call us to set-up your fundraiser, sell for 2-3 weeks, tally your totals, and give us a call. We'll have your items ready for delivery a week later. It's simple, fast and fun!

Do I collect money when I take the orders or upon delivery?
This is up to your individual group. We suggest that you collect payment when your customer place their order. This way you have all the money collected in advance and you won't be stuck with any product that is not paid for.

What is the minimum order?
The minimum order is 100 items in any combination of our products.

When do I pay Show Me Dough?
Payment is due at the time of delivery. We accept one check (made payable to Show Me Dough) or cash.

How much profit does our group make?
Groups make a 40% profit. The Butter Braid pastries sell for $14 and your group makes $5.60 profit. The cookies are sold for $16/$17 and your group makes a profit of $6.40/$6.80. The pizza 2-packs are sold for $18 and your group makes $7.20 profit.