Fundraising Made EASY

We're Here to Help Make Your Fundraiser a Success.


Picking the right fundraiser for your school, church, sports team or other organization is a big decision and one that can come with stress. However, Show Me Dough's fundraising model and tasty products make it simple, while taking away the worry. Our experienced team will guide you throughout the entire sale to ensure total success. We help you navigate the process through three focus areas:


  • Simple - All you have to do is follow six steps to get your fundraising off the ground. It's that easy!

  • Profit - Our team provides you with access to fundraising tools, including parent letters, posters and email templates. Not to mention our free, personalized order forms and electronic order tally tool. This all helps create a highly profitable sale program. 

  • Service - With our group of local, experienced staff members by your side, you'll get through any fundraiser with ease. We have over 50 years of combined fundraising experience and are at your disposal for any questions or assistance.

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