Butter Braid® Program

The Go-to Program for Instant Success!

The original one and only Butter Braid® Pastry program is a fan favorite and offered in seven delicious flavors! With the best product in hand, you are sure to find success with this program. Check out the features, retail cost and profits below. 

It’s our passion to put only the best products into your hands.

Not Sold In Stores

Our products are only available through fundraisers, 
so please continue to support your local schools 
and community organizations.   

Butter Braid® Braided Pastries

Butter Braid strawberry cream cheese pastry- Original family recipe
- Homemade appearance and taste
- Layered with 100% real butter
- Real Fruit filling
- Braided by hand with care

Homemade goodness doesn't happen like this anymore!


Retail CostProfit
$14.00 $5.60

Butter Braid® Pastry and Roll Flavors

Click on the flavor icons below for more information about ingredients/nutrition.

Butter Braid pastry cherry

Butter Braid pastry cream cheese



Cream Cheese

 Strawberry &  
Cream Cheese



Caramel Roll

Baking Instructions

For Butter Braid® Pastry baking instructions please click here.

For Butter Braid® Roll baking instructions please click here.

Nutritional Information
For nutritional information click the flavors above.

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